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iacheng, the life and death years make him easily satisfied.

Okay, stop chatting everyone, it’s time to work .

there are voice interrupted their conversation, followed by another person from out in the rain.

Owl rare and they act together.

currently three generations can be put into use only so an armor, it may have been in testing The black angel controlled by Lorenzo was blown up. Before the new armor was built, Ye Xiao, the test driver, had no job, so he was temporarily transferred back to make up for the lack of manpower. The

personnel are already in place. Time to act. Ye Xiao said. Is

this really good? The Robin asked, that doctor is one of us, and he came to the door without any evidence?

Joey himself 西安耍耍网 is the evidence and the reason why Old Dunling can guarantee such a calm is not because of our excessive vigilance. Kestrel said that as long as there is a slight symptom, he will never let it go. Even Arthur’s daughter is still in the Black Mountain Hospital.

Kestrel knows how difficult the ghost place of the Black Mountain Hospital is, but now almost two weeks have passed, and the little girl has not yet been 新西安夜网 discharged from the hospital.

However, because of this, we are right. He is also very vigilant.

Ye Xiao knows their worries, but this has nothing to do with him. They will play different roles tonight.

In terms of positions, the upper knights also follow different knight commanders, and Joey and Ye Xiao are Lancelot However, Lancelot disappeared mysteriously a few months ago. According to rumors, he was suspected of being corroded by a generation of armor like Galahad and was undergoing emergency treatment.

However, there are still people in the pump of perpetual motion. Having seen Galahad’s figure, this guy Kranslot seemed like a ghost that didn’t exist. Although it was his subordinate, Joey and Ye Xiao had never seen that guy.

Kestrel stretched out his hand. into the rain, the rain will be 西安夜生活第一论坛网 contaminated hands vigorously rubbed his eyes, so that his spirit more.