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新西安夜网 closely.

“I haven’t looked for it yet” Big Ivan saw Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix raising his feet to kick people. He hurried to the radar station and explained, “Vika went to the Bryansk black market to scan for goods and found a tiger-like book by accident. She found some clues in that repair manual.”

“What clues?” Nanjing Longfeng asked impatiently. The stinking problem of Big Yiwan seemed to be 西安夜生活论坛overwhelming.

“I don’t know.” Big Ivan spread his hands. “Weka’s flight this morning, if nothing happens, should have landed by now. She will send back the maintenance manual.”

Nanjing Longfeng and Elena sent it out together. A middle finger, they know the big Ivan too well, if he doesn’t know it will be fake, it is deliberate.

But even so, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix is ??still very happy, it’s tiger style. If digging a Ruger P08 pistol is a sign of the beginning of the earth-digging party, and the gear military ring is a sign of a veteran, then the tiger style is basically equivalent to the top of this line.

But thinking about this, he was a little strange, “I remember that there are already several dredge teams in the antique shop now?”

“I’ll know when you get there,” Big Ivan grinned to death. 西安夜生活网

While waiting for Nanjing Longfeng and the others, the heavily makeup Sister Vika drove the car up the hillside of the radar station. The fat body wrapped in a large mink coat cheered and rushed towards the people like a meat ball. Bear the Pooh.

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix looked at the “mothers” rolling in the snow, and swallowed with difficulty. Don’t look at the name of this bear is cute, but now he weighs more than 400 kilograms!

This little thing is no longer a small thing because it grew up with people, but there is no habit of hibernation at all. As a result, its weight increased almost every day, so that Assak’s father now has to walk farther mountain roads to hunt wild boars to fill his stomach, and at the same time take him to exercise to lose weight.

But this is a vicious circle. If y