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d by the fortress cannons are several times more expensive. If it is for the devil in the future, can the golden dragon stored in the warehouse really support Neverwinter City until the end of the War of Divine Will? Fortunately, it is not him who should worry about this problem. Let Barov go to

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leeps. The lights are cent

son Howard. Quinn was holding a wine glass, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the study, gazing at the night-shrouded city. This is the center of dawn and is also known as the city that never sleeps. The lights are centered on the Rising Sun Avenue, extending to both sides, like a tree

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e women go to work instead of staying at home,” Roland suddenly thought of something, “The current universal education in Border Town seems to be progressing faster in women’s classes? “Although the main person in charge of the Ministry of Education is Ms. Shujuan, this is indeed the case. Apart from taking care of the children and housework, they are not capable of doing much, so they spend most of their time reading and literacy. “In that case, I request that when the next round of assessment is over, the city hall you are responsible for must recruit a group of female apprentices and gradually increase the proportion of female positions,” Roland ordered. “Your Highness, there is no precedent for this,” Barrow said. The husband frowned and said, “If you are only careful, my apprentice is no worse than any woman. “If there is no precedent, create a precedent,” Roland said bluntly. “This is also the easiest and fastest way to increase the labor force without expanding the total population. If all women can take on the task of building a small town, My available manpower can be doubled. What you have to do is to guide people to change their minds-as long as the salary is attractive, I think they will stand up one by one. After Barov retreated, Nightingale smiled in the ear of the prince, “What are you planning to do to eat again?” “Starch?” No, it’s not for eating,” Roland took a sip of the tea, “though it is true that the same good ingredients can be obtained during the processing. Soak the refined wheat flour in water, then knead and wash until the water is completely white, then change to another basin of water to continue. The last remaining sticky substance is gluten, which can be used for frying or stir-frying. The taste is flexible and rich. Elasticity. Spreading honey or sprinkling spices after being out of the pan is a great delicacy. However, Roland’s focus is not on the food. After the milky white water is sieved and left to stand, the precipitate is starch, which is also the main material for making ex

e matching hose to the gas tank, and then unscrew the valves at both ends.” After speaking, he demonstrated the operation process of deflation and inflation in public. “How many cylinders do you need to fill a reconnaissance balloon?” Margaret quickly grasped the point. The question of “five or six bottles” made Roland a little embarrassed, “no more than seven bottles at most.” The main reason is that the concentration of dilute sulfuric acid used to generate hydrogen in the bottle is difficult to control. Distill and purify the sulfuric acid to 98% before mixing. Water dilution was too wasteful of precious labor in the laboratory, so it had to be dropped. “This kind of alchemical gas is very expensive?” “It’s true. It is difficult to store, and it is full of danger. I mean, if you accidentally operate it,” Roland coughed twice, “so the gas tank can only be stored for one year, and it cannot be knocked. It may cause unpredictable and serious consequences.” He paused, “Although the price is a bit expensive, don’t worry. The first batch of gas storage tanks will be free of charge from Border Town when the balloon is first purchased. Yes, you can also get an extra sky camouflage detective suit.”. After the accompanying caravan left, Roland let out a long sigh. Finally the vault is full again. A total of eight steam engines were delivered to the three chambers of commerce, of which three were produced in the No. 2 factory assisted by the Crescent Bay Chamber of Commerce. I have to say that these craftsmen from the fjord are much more talented and learning than the miners in the small town. With Blacksmith, after mastering the operation of the machine tool, the qualified rate of finished products has risen sharply. Maybe in two months, the production capacity of No. 2 Plant will be able to catch up with No. 1 Plant. Fortunately, according to the signed contract, all income from the sale of these machines belongs to Roland. In addition, he also got a new hydrogen balloon purchase order from the Crescent Bay Caravan.

other party has transferred saltpeter from the alchemy association to the workshop, the intention is very obvious-from the alchemy experiment to the workshop production, it shows that they have mastered the formula of gunpowder. This piece of information The priority is even higher than the new soldiers in the eastern suburbs camp. “Good job,” Tassa approved. After the secret conversation, everyone left the mansion in batches. Before leaving, Hill asked suddenly, “My lord, when we do this, can we really push Tiffico down from the throne?” “Of course,” the guard smiled, “You didn’t see His Royal Highness Roland passing through the army. A letter? His throne is already shaky.” In the evening, returning to the Underground Trumpeter Tavern, Tassa saw an unexpected acquaintance: Sean. Like himself, he is also a guard by His Royal Highness the Fourth Prince. Entering the guest room on the second floor, the two chatted for a while before Tassa closed the curtains and asked in a low voice, “How do you know I am here?” “His Royal Highness gave me a token and asked me to find Ms. Marguerite. , She knows where you are.” Sean took out a crystal clear red gem and shook it. “He has a new task to explain?” “It’s not a task, it’s a gift,” Xiao En smiled and walked to the window, uncovered a slit in the curtain, and whistled. I saw three gray-brown birds flying into the room, landing on the table and cooing at him. After feeding each bird with some grains of wheat, they stopped. This is the first time Thassa has seen such a spiritual bird. “This is” “A messenger trained by a witch.” Sean stroked the gray bird’s neck and explained, “Unlike carrier pigeons, they can go back and forth independently. In two places, you don’t need to be taken away and then released to the nest. You only need to say a specific password to the birds, and they will send the message to your Royal Highness. If it goes well, you only need to wait for one day to receive it. Reply to your Highness.” (To be continued.) Chapter 300 of the main text “Oh, oh!”

ember it in my heart. In addition to washing stones, there are excellent iron ingots and lead ingots. Except for you, few towns need these things these days,” he sighed, “mine business is getting worse and worse. “This is the effect of the civil war. Roland thought to himself that the purchasing power of various places is gradually declining. If it continues for another two or three years, it will basically be the rhythm of rising food prices and hunger everywhere. “By the way, what happened in the West?” “Marguerite asked suddenly. “What’s wrong?” “The fleet encountered a lot of huh on the way to the town,” she paused for a moment, seeming to consider her words, “a lot of floating corpses.” They were dressed in tatters, just floating on both sides of the river. In addition to the corpse, there are some broken planks and ropes on the water, as if a ship hit a rock and sank. But there are no reefs in the inland river, so I thought” “Hmph, that was the fleet that Tiffico had invaded the Western Territory.” Roland pretended to be angry, and briefly recounted the battle a week ago. “They have already gotten it. Deserved punishment. In order to avoid clogging the channel and spreading the disease, after cleaning the battlefield, he transferred Anna and Lily from the town, one responsible for burning the damaged ship, and the other responsible for purifying the river. The floating corpse that Margaret saw should be the end of the battle. The war dead who had already drifted along the river in the past. “So that’s it,” the business woman smiled. “It looks like Tiffico is going to hit a wall on both sides. “” Both sides? “And Garcia in Bishui Harbor, the latest news I got is that the unknown looters who attacked the eastern city before were Garcia’s men. After the Black Sail fleet ransacked Haifeng County and Jinsui City, they did not return to the harbor, but went all the way north along the coastline. No one knew where she ended up. “Going north” Roland said in surprise, “She left Greycastle?” “It looks like this at th

ersonal strength. They are the main f

fight-Roland does not think that this kind of battle can be linked to the word war), he will summon the divided aristocrats in the territory under his jurisdiction, and then the divided aristocrats will summon their respective The lower-tier entrusted nobles in the realm, such as the duke summons the earl, the earl summons the

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