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ht them one by one with antics.

Melissa looked at these performances with a calm expression as if the other party did not exist. Benson worked hard a few times and applauded loudly, but failed to arouse her sister’s emotions, and she slowly became low.

Klein pressed his lips tightly and looked at this scene from a distance, wanting to get closer but didn’t dare.

Suddenly, he touched the wallet in his lower pocket and had an idea.

Benson and Melissa continued on, watching various performances in silence.

After a while, they saw a clown painted in red, yellow, white and other colors coming over, first throwing tennis balls into the sky, and then when people’s attention 西安夜生活论坛 was drawn to the air, they didn’t know where to turn out a bunch of them. Flowers, a bunch of Sevia daisy.

This bunch of flowers came to Melissa and Benson’s eyes, the color was golden, symbolizing happiness.

Melissa and Benson stared blankly at the clown on the opposite side. They saw his face covered with red, yellow, and white oils. The corners of his mouth were raised high, and he fixed a happy smile, an exaggerated smile, and a funny smile. .

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the first chapter of hope to


The sound of the siren echoed in every corner of the platform, and the huge steam train headed like a monster dragging more than 20 carriages to a slow stop.

Wearing a tuxedo formal suit and a half-height silk top hat, Klein carried an exaggerated suitcase that didn’t match his size, and steadily stepped onto the ground in Backlund, the capital of the Kingdom of Ruen.

The city is divided obliquely into two parts by the Tussock River which flows to the southeast estuary. It is connected by the Backlund Bridge and the ferry. With a population of more than 5 million, it is the most prosperous city in the north and south continents.

Klein stared at him, only to see pale yellow fog everywhere, 西安桑拿网 with extremely poor visibility, and the gas lamps hanging on the platform had been lit one after another, dispelling the gloom and